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Caribbean saltfish fritters with vegetables and dipping sauce. Our chef also prepare vegetarian fritters when requested.

Caribbean Saltfish Fritters with Vegetables and Dipping Sauce

Caribbean coconut king prawns with grandma's tropical mango dipping sauce.

Caribbean Coconut King Prawns and Mango Dipping Sauce

According to healtline Nutrition Kris Gunears BSc on Jaunary 11, 2018 wrote that coconut oil is one of the few foods that can be classified as a "superfood". He believes its unique combination of fatty acids can have positive effects on our health. This includes fat loss, better brain function and various impressive benefits.

Caribbean coconut Toto

Callaloo contains 4 times the amount of calcium found in broccoli and twice the iron. Also contains protein, fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin B and Vitamin A which is a great antioxidant. Callaloo contains toxins that are removed when cooked. Plantain also are rich in Vitamins A, C and B-6, minerals magnesium and potassium.

Caribbean Callaloo and Plantain

Few key nutrients in eating or drinking coconut include lauric acid, chloride, as well as important electrolytes such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium and phosphorus. Ginger can treat many forms of nausea, "especially morning sickness" according to healthline nutrition. It can reduce muscle pain and soreness and the anti-inflammatory effects can help with osteoarthritis.

Caribbean Coconut Drops or Coconut Cakes

Wheat flour is high in nutrients, fiber, good source of iron, thiamin, niacin and B6. Whole wheat flour as several vitamins and minerals, including selenium, manganese phosphorus, copper and folate according to healthline.

Caribbean Fried Dumplings

Sprats (spratts sprattus) belong to the same family as herrings and sardines. Oily fish such as sprats is delicious with sustainable protein and unsaturated fats. Bernadette Clarke, MCS Good Fish Guide Manager says, "We should be eating more oily fish like sprat for they are good for our health".

Caribbean Fried Sprats

According to National Institutes of Health, (NIH). "Ackee is an unsaturated fat and has additional health benefits through its high protein content. A good source of Vitamins B and C, zinc, calcium and fibre. But it is the fatty acid composition that is of great significant to health outcomes".

Caribbean Ackee and Saltfish

Callaloo is full of calcium, iron, vitamin C, B and A. Our chef also prepare callaloo and saltfish finger bites when requested.

Caribbean Callaloo and vegetables (suitable for vegans)