Grandma's Soups Cooked in the Traditional Way.

Caribbean chicken foot soup cooked with affection and dedication. According to research chicken foot soup is highly recommended because of its ability to help digestion, fight cold and flu, reduces joint pain and inflammation, also helps with skin, hair and nails.

Caribbean Chicken Foot Soup

Caribbean red peas soup bursting with tasty tropical vegetables and flavour to tantalised your taste buds. According to Ruairi Robertson PhD he claimed on December 2017 that "there are good evidence red peas help to reduce blood sugar, improve cholester levels and help maintain healthy gut".

Caribbean Red Peas Soup

Caribbean mannish water soup is highly sorted after by both men and women living in the Caribbean. TheĀ  Maroons also served it to the groom on their wedding night. Be assured our dishes will be freshly prepared and cooked to complement your special event.

Caribbean Mannish Water Soup