Cooking club

Bring a little tropical heat into your kitchen in the UK today come and join Grandma's cooking club. Build your confidence, explore and experiment with tasty zingy ingredients. Impressed your family or friends with your aquired knowledge and skills. Give them the opportunity to enjoy your own home cooked tropical Caribbean meal.  All ingredients and equipment needed for the session is included.

Meet Emma, she as never cooked Caribbean food before and was shown certain techniques and skills how to cook curry goat, especially tips on how to identify real goat meat, storing Caribbean cooked or uncooked food and how to reheat cooked food.

She commented how pleased she was with the outcome of her cooking lesson also how confident and able she feltnow to cook the dishes by herself for family and friends to enjoy.

The client also said "my family really enjoyed the food and it was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon cooking". The photograph below showed the outcome of Emma's Caribbean oxtail and butter bean dish she cooked during her session in her kitchen with Ms Cook JA from Grandmas Old Time Cooking.