Cooking/Black History Month

Children Caribbean traditional cooking lessons and black history month workshops (KS1 and KS2 Syllabus).  I also work with children with learning disability.  All ingredients and equipment will be provided. Each session would consist of 30 children.  I can keep up to 4 sessions in one day. The primary children cooking session will  take approximately 1.5 Hours and the older children cooking lesson will take approximately 2 Hours. Container will be provided for them to take home  their food. Please contact me for more information.              Tel: 02070184022

Jamaican Apple
Caribbean Traditional Fried Fritters and Salt Fish

Cookery Club For age 6 and up.

The children will learn simple cooking skills, and cook a variety of interesting dishes with me each week. We will cover all the different food groups. They will learn about ingredients, and how to cook and eat healthy food, how to work safely in the kitchen and about other culture through food. I also run Caribbean traditional cooking and Jamaican street food lesson for adults. All equipment and ingredients provided.  Please contact me if your interested, at

Fried Plantain


















Caribbean Cooking Lessons