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Afro Caribbean and African Heritage 116

Gola people can be found in Sierra leone and Liberia they are part of the Niger- Congo family the word Gola derived from the word Gullah the Gullah people are descendants of Enslaved Africans in U.S.A the Gullah language spoken in South Carolina and where the Gullah resident they speak Gullah language mixed with different west african languages.

Gola people migrated from Central Africa they migrated with the Kissi people and settled in Liberia appromixmately 700 years before the relocation of many former Enslaved Africans and free blacks in other nations, gola culture is similar to various West Africa ethnic groups and during festivals the Gola people wear many masks one of the well known mask is the Gola Mask helmet the Niger-Congo family is made up of the Yoruba, Kru, Shona, Mende, Akan, Fula and other ethnic groups part of the Niger- Congo family.

Charles Taylor ruled between 1997 and 2003 he was the former 22nd President in Liberia and he later went to libya he was trained as guerilla fighter for liberia when he returned back in Liberia in 1989. Gola people used to be part of the Mali Empire before they seperated themselves the Mali Empire also known as Manden Kurufaba was West African Empire from 1230 to 1600 the Empire was founded by Sundiata Keita.

Afro Caribbean and African Heritage 115

This is an African Proverb, "you educate a boy you will have a great man, you educate a girl you will  have a great nation". In my opinion those wise words are telling me that both Kings and Queens have a n important part to play in our development has a nation to succeed and to  build our nation. Our Ancestors also crying from the vale of time telling us we should help each other and we must stop being divided, therefore we have to help each other before we can truly say we are a nation.

Afro Caribbean and African Heritage 114


Africans who Civilized Ancinet Iraq ( Black Civilization in Ancinet Iraq)


The Sumer left and the Hatti sacked Babylon, and the Amorite dynasty of Hammurabi later the Kassites migrated to Present day Northwestern Iraq which is part of the Elam around 1800 B.C. they began the movement toward westward Mesopotamia they first tried making wars after their defeat by Samsuilina and filtered into Mesopotamia.


They established towns and principalites with the fall of amorite dynasty of hammurabi, later Kassite Monarch called King Ulamburiashed defeated the Sumerian Princes in Present day Chaldea around the sealand river in 1400 B.C. the Assyrians with dark skin tone and black hair were people who lived in Northern Mesopotamia they tried to established many kingdoms and they were attacked by their strong neighbors and new invaders.


His Majesty Marduk Alpha iddani ll reigned from 710 BC- 722 BC some claimed he ruled from 702 BC- 703 BC he was the Chaldean Prince who took a place of someone in a position of power over the throne in Bablyon around 721 BC. Sennacherib the son of late Sargon ll reigned from 681 BC to 704 BC he encountered many problems in Babylonia he first campaigned against Prince Marduk Alpha iddina ll also known as Prince Marduk Apla iddina ll who had seized the throne of Babylon and later gathered alliance in Babylon around 703 BC.


The Assyrians fought in a war with the Chaldens at the Ulya and won in 6494 BC the Son of Sennacherib was captured by the Chaldens to Present day Elam later Assyrians fought back in the north. The African invaders introduced Arts, Old World Amish Pumpkin Cake, Architecture, later built the stair way to the ziggurat, Sculptures, the lion' s gate, Vases.