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African Heritage 186 FFFF

The Rich Nations use the knowledge and information to create wealth so that Africa is trying to create wealth by the export of its raw materials for the richest countries.

The lesson that we learned in Nigeria, is that a massive influx of petrodollars will not bring about the economic prosperity while in exchange, Nigeria has placed all his petrodollars in planes, cars and Swiss bank accounts.

What Africa needs to do really, is to acquire knowledge technology so that it can export of technological products Africans in Europe and the United States.

Africa should reduce its investments in non-Organic Agriculture and industrialization but rather making long-term plans in the information age in which knowledge is the most precious possession.

In the era of the information, millions of good-paying jobs require knowledge of computing and Africa should begin to prepare with an emphasis on education and technology.

Thanks to the internet, it is now possible for an African to be employed by an American company because many companies prefer for example pay 15 $ 000 salary per year, to a professional of Africa rather than pay a American 60 $ 000 per year.

Africa can therefore attracting all these high-tech businesses by investing heavily in technical education, the introduction of a lot in the computer class in order to produce a million scientists and engineers per year. There are still opportunities in the computer programming.

In terms of future use, the involvement of the internet will bring especially that an African programmer with a contract will no longer need to migrate in order to obtain a work permit on the part of immigration for work with the United States.

Phillip Emeagwali (Father of the internet)

African Heritage 186 EEEE

The yahud

The Aramaic Bible distinguishes the yahuds (priests of aton) and indicates that the name yahud comes from the Egyptian words yahu-dueh meaning " adoration ", " prayer " or " tribute " and that it is from there that we have received the names Of Judah or of Judea.

The Yahuds were priests atoniens who belonged to the nobility and the clergymen during the reign of Akhenaten

The Aramaic Bible indicates also one of the names of God as ai or ay, which was called the divine father ai and considered to be the responsible for the exodus of yahuds from Egypt, which historically will become the King-Pharaoh after semenkare and Tutankhamen, but although there is no other registration of such a being, describes outside of the Bible, however, the Egyptian history and archaeology we report an exodus dating back to 1344 on the population of a city Whole, in the aftermath of a newly built capital, in this case the city of akhetaten.

In the temple of Abu Simbel, it is engraved with these words: "the master has built a temple the summit of which is as high as the sky, where the sun rises for the love" whose message improtant the myth of languages regarding the history Of Babel and describes a city that was built to honor a deity symbolized by the sun called "Akhet-Aten".

This city was built by thousands of workers and craftsmen of the entire region, which will become a capital, now populated by representatives of nations and of the provinces of this part of the world who spoke a large variety of languages whose history has been resumed By The Bible in gen. 10:20, where it is said that: "the whole world had one language and a dialect" and the story of the tower of Babel seems actually indicate a part of the history of the city of Akhet-Aten and of the divine father ay , who over time had developed a different dialect of the Egyptian, a language discovery in the letters of armana and who has (falsely) been called "Pre-Biblical Hebrew" by archaeology.

Egypt will be destroyed because the country's resources were directed solely towards the new city as well as for the cult of Aten, just like the rest of the country, the other gods were neglected and the priests who loved them were no longer funded. The Father ay, by observing it and fearing that it was not the beginning of the worst, then considered moving the yahuds and the new people of the city that had followed the religion of aten in Egyptian territory located in country Canaan in a movement Used to re-unite Egypt and where the apiru (Habiru) will serve as a buffer against other invaders most inconvenient a border region

Later, this new city will be destroyed and its materials used to build other projects which the evidence has been found in the remains of other structures until, Akhenaten itself will be erased from history, in the same way that He had tried to destroy the pantheon of ancient Egyptian Deities.

Some hymns to amun speak of Akhenaten as a criminal and tell also the fall of those who have attacked amon and the interest to reconstitute the priesthood of Amun, which had been exhausted by the neglect suffered during the reign of Amenhotep IV (Akhen-Aton) Who itself had always been a class noble, including the right to the priesthood was generally based on the birth or the social position while other priests had chosen to be exiled to Canaan rather than to worship another god aton.

Then when Canaan was conquered by the babylonians, the priesthood of yahuds tried to hide his Egyptian roots also transforming their story in a story of victimization on the part of a mutual enemy of Babylon rather than see their texts destroyed and lost for Always if they were perceived as having ties with an enemy of Babylon. So they tell stories to mesopotamian trend and have changed things to hide the true nature of their past.

An example of this, to be to use camels in the same way as in Mesopotamia in the history of their patriarchs, even if the camel had been domesticated until much later in the story and it worked, that is why Many people have forgotten the truth, this is the way that these " people who had been chosen " will become known as the " chosen people ", which was in fact the inhabitants of the holy city of Akhet-Aten

This is the reason why, after more than two hundred years of scientific research and archaeological, no one has found in the hieroglyphics or other Egyptian historical sources, no evidence of the biblical exodus or the enslavement of a Hebrew people who would have crossed The Red Sea, so strongly told in Hebrew and writing aramaïque.

Sources: the secrets of the exodus