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My passions for cooking began when I was 6 years old in Jamaica when my grandmother taught me my first dish, By the time I was in my late teens I was selling cooked cakes and juices to Caribbean clubs and retail outlets in Hackney, London. I returned to Jamaica and sold street food. Back in the UK again, I wanted to give more to my community and I became a play group leader and later qualified as a Therapeutic Counsellor. Today, I now want to return to my first love of cooking and share my experience with others to help them to create traditional Caribbean meals at home and explore the variety of Caribbean ingredients that are available in UK supermarkets and specialised ethnic food stores. Classes is conducted in the clients home or my kitchen which received a 4 star Food Hygiene Ratings. I have a Level 2 award in Food Safety for Catering.

Free recipe Jamaican Punch


1 Tin Koo Gauava Halves in Syrup 410g. 5 Cardamon. 1/2 Vanilla Pod cut into two piece. 5 Cups of water. 1/2 of Soya Milk. 5 TB spoon of Tesco Exclusively The Grower's Harvestate Farm Grown porridge Oats. 3 TB spoon Demerara Sugar. 1 tsp Mixed Spice. 1 Eating Apple. 1 TB spoon of Jamaican Ray and Nephew White Rum. Pinch of Course Sea Salt. 1 tsp of grater Nutmeg.


1 pot. 2 Bowl. 1 Plate. 1 Sive. 2 Large Spoon. 1 Electric Blender. 1 Table spoon. 1 Tea Soon. 1 Cup.

Hands On

(1) Open gava tin and empty the content into the sive, gently run tap water over, add them to the pot with vanilla pod, cardamon and 5 cups of water. Cover pot with lid cook on high fire until beginning to bubble. Turn down fire low enough to boil and bubble slightly.

(2) Let ingredients cooked approximately 40 minutes. Remove pot from the fire safely. Used fork and smash gava and stir. Closed the lid and put pot on the fire. Turned fire up until it start bubbling then turn fire down. Make sure content cooked for 15 minutes more.

(3) After 15 minutes remove pot off the fire and when cool remove 2 pice of vanailla pod and 5 cardamon. Add the remaning content into the electric blender and blend until liquidised.

(4) Add oats, mixed spice, Jamaican white rum, chopped up apple, demerara sugar, milk, nutmeg and blend every thing together.

(5) Sive the liquid into a bowl 12 times and each time, making sure the strainer is washed each time. Blend again and Sive again once more. Bottle the punch and refrigerate for 1 hour. It is best served cold. Shake well before serving.