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My passions for cooking began when I was 6 years old in Jamaica when my grandmother taught me my first dish, By the time I was in my late teens I was selling cooked cakes and juices to Caribbean clubs and retail outlets in Hackney, London. I returned to Jamaica and sold street food. Back in the UK again, I wanted to give more to my community and I became a play group leader and later qualified as a Therapeutic Counsellor. Today, I now want to return to my first love of cooking and share my experience with others to help them to create traditional Caribbean meals at home and explore the variety of Caribbean ingredients that are available in UK supermarkets and specialised ethnic food stores. Classes is conducted in the clients home or my kitchen which received a 4 star Food Hygiene Ratings. I have a Level 2 award in Food Safety for Catering.

Carrot Juice and Beetroot Drink

This is another recipe of grandma's old time cooking tropical drink which was past down from one generation to the other. My grandmother Adina Dacres showed me how to create this delicious drink from scratch and the most and important thing is every one can enjoy drinking our Caribbean Carrot and beetroot drink which is suitable for every one to drink even vegan will find it tasty and filling.