My name is Clarise Creary (Ms Cook JA) and my background is in counselling. I am also the Director of Grandmas Old Time Cooking. Food is inportant to our health, wellbeing, also something we can all share and enjoy. I have cooked Caribbean food and ran a food stall in Jamaica. I want to encourage people about the process of cooking and eating tasty delicious Jamaican food.

It was brought to my attention there are people with Caribbean heritage whose parents do not have the time to teach them the recipes. Also there are many European people who go to the Caribbean on holiday, they discover just how delicious Caribbean food taste but find it daunting to recreate the recipe.

I knew how much I loved cooking and took the plunge to started a business called "Grandma's Old Time Cooking". I cater for private functions and Caribbean themed cooking workshops for events and organisations.