My name is clarise Creary Director of Grandma's Old Time Cooking. I was trained in Therapeutic Counselling and Child Development fields. My first love is cooking traditional Jamaican cuisine. I have cooked and run a stall in the Caribbean selling street food. I want to encourage others about the process of cooking, especially eating delicious Jamaican food and drinking tasty tropical drinks. The service includes catering for private functions and Caribbean themed cooking workshops for events and organisations.

It was brought to my attention there are a lot of people with Caribbean heritage in London. Whose parents do not have the time to teach them the recipes, because they have to provide financial for their family and sometimes the tradition do not get past to the next generation.

Also there are Europeans who go to the Caribbean on holiday, they discover how delicious Caribbean food taste but find it daunting to recreate the recipes. I took the plunge and started a business called Grandmas Old Time Cooking, to facilitate the gap for Jamaican cuisine.