Grandmas SeeBreeze Ital Tonic Drink

Grandma's Afro Caribbean Traditional SeeBreeze Ital Tonic Drink.  Created with love and tender Care.  Each ingredients gathered early in the morning whilst the dewdrops linger and glitter on the fruits.


Thank you mother Earth for the fruits healing powers  to build our body with health.

Grandma's SeeBreez Ital Tonic Drink


Pineapple Ital Basket

"According to Organic Facts Pineapple  Health Benefits Helps improve oral and eye health.  Reduces inflammation of joints and muscles.  Boosts immunity and improves blood circulation.  Helps heal wounds and protects against infections.  Helps prevent arthritis, cancer and heart diseases.  Reduces risk of dementia and Alzheimer's disease.  Protects against constipation and irritable bowel syndrome".

Health Benefits of ripe Banana, Weight loss.  Strengthens Bones.  Anti-inflammatory Properties. Promotes Weight Gain.  Treat Piles.  Reduces Constipation.  Treat Ulcers.  Prevent Kidney Disorders.  Improves Vision.  Cardiovascular Protection.  Treats Anemia.  Relieves Menstrual problems