Grandma's  Specialist in Afro Caribbean Traditional Cuisine Catering and Private Cooking Lesson

Planning a Party?

Grandma's Buffet Chef is here to cook delicious food and your guest will give you many compliments and thanks for the invites. My canapes can also give your party that extra wild factor and manipulate your guests taste buds with tasty tantalising tropical flavours

Private Cooking Lesson

 It does not matter if you are a professional and you wanted to brush up on your cooking skills or if you are a novice and you have never cooked Afro Caribbean traditional food before.  In my lesson you will learn how to cook genuine authentic Afro Caribbean dishes and Jamaican Street Food, which includes a mixture of cooking techniques, flavors, spices also influences from the people and crops growing on the islands.  All ingredients and equipment needed for the lesson will be provided.  Are you ready to improve and build your confidence to cook your own delicious traditional Afro Caribbean dishes?   Experience the sunshine in your next meal, taste the tropical flavours on your tongue and each lesson will become your personal knowledge in creating your favorite dish.

You Can Order a Gift Card

I am sure you will agree Home Cooked Food is healthier to eat, therefore treat your family and friends to a Gift Card and introduce them to Grandma's Afro Caribbean Cooking Lessons.  Cooking carried out in your home or in my 4 Star Rated kitchen. I also offer Caribbean Wedding Catering Services throughout the year. Great food and wonderful service for you and your guests to enjoy on your special day.

Buffet  Catering  Services For Funeral

Grandmas Old Time Cooking also offer Afro Caribbean buffet  catering services for funeral in London.  I appreciate that this is a difficult and stressful time for you and your family to loose a loved one. You have so many things to think about and you want everything to go right on the day. Leave the food preparation to me and you can relax and share your time with friends and family.  I personally will cook you some traditional Afro Caribbean food of your choice and be assured that everything will cooked to perfection and run smoothly on the day.  I provide this service either at your home or at a chosen venue of your choice. Contact me for further information.

Tel:  02070184022  or  info@grandmasoldtimecooking.co.uk

Caribbean Cooking Lessons